Our History

On Christmas day 2012  Pam, Dave and two of their neighbours got together to provide a three course meal for the lonely and isolated in their local community centre.

The centre was big enough to have the meal there but it didn’t have any suitable cooking facilities in the tiny kitchen.

Between the four of them and their family they cooked from home carrying food and presents for everyone across the small quiet cul-de-sac where they lived, to the centre.

Local farmers provided the vegetables, a friend donated the turkey and friends and family donated presents - the support was amazing.

Pam and Dave knew this was the start of something that would happen each year.

During the second year, word got around about the Christmas meal. It was announced in the local newspapers and posters were put up in local shops. This time there was only Pam and Dave running it even though their family helped out.

In between working, both of them were preparing for this big event, not knowing how many guests would come along - soon the phone was ringing!

After the second Christmas it was obvious that the guests were wanting to meet more regularly throughout the year.

A name was needed for the group as they couldn’t be known as ‘The people from the Christmas day meal,’  

'Cherish' got it's name February 2014, when guests said they 'cherished' each others company and felt part of a family.  

Over the years we have hosted many events without a permanent base but 2018 saw us move into our new 'home' at OpenWell Life Centre, Southport.

This has allowed us to provide greater support for those socially isolated or in need of company. 

Our location puts us right in the heart of the local community that we cater to and we provide links to other activities and services.